Kym Ryan

Kym Ryan - Principal / Licensee

Kym Ryan can be contacted on:

0418 337 627
(03) 9899 6099

You could say that Kym Ryan was born to be a Real Estate Agent. From as early as she could remember, she was answering telephones, doing the photocopying and helping out in any way she could in her father’s real estate company in Manningham.

The family’s twenty year business was sold in 2001 and her father moved to Perth (Western Australia) and today is regarded as one of the state’s most progressive and successful Real Estate Agents.

Since 1997 Kym has been fortunate to have worked in some of Melbourne’s finest real estate businesses and has won many awards and accolades along the way including recent awards such as:

  • Highest number of properties listed – 2009, 2010
  • Most improved property management office – 2012

Kym’s passion and attention to detail lead her to continually analyse, question and investigate ways of improving systems and procedures within the property industry. Kym’s ultimate goal is to be able to combine professional and efficient service with a friendly and approachable demeanor.

What has always been of concern for Kym in her role as property manager in large “sales dominated and directed” Real Estate Companies, was the sometimes inefficient, non-caring, high staff turnover, crisis management style that often led to total client dissatisfaction.

In order for Kym to fulfill both her and her client’s ideal objective of property management excellence, Kym has established her own company to ensure that the best of today’s technologies are combined with her own personal style and professional standards.

This gives Kym the freedom to proactively manage the many intricate relationships and situations that exist between clients and their tenants to ensure the best commercial outcome is achieved for her clients.