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Things To Declutter Before You Move House

The lead-up to moving house is the optimal time to channel your inner Marie Kondo. We all know that moving is no easy task, which is why streamlining your possessions is one way of making the process that bit smoother. For practical advice on how to differentiate between what you should keep and what is better off donated, keep reading for our top tips on what to declutter before your big move.

Things to toss


Anything you haven’t used or worn in a year

As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t used something in a year, it’s safe to assume that it won’t be missed at your new home. This can include kitchen utensils, old baking trays, expired cosmetics, outdoor equipment; the list could go on… And don’t forget about clothes! Garments that have been collecting dust in your wardrobe for the entire cycle of seasons should be rehomed or donated to charity. 

Multiples of the same item

Over the years, it’s all too easy to accumulate duplicates and multiples of the same item. Hands up if you’re guilty of having four or five muffin trays floating around in your pantry… 

We know that it may feel wasteful to clear out items that are in perfectly good knick, but if they’ve become dead weight that you’re continuously carting around out of habit, it’s time to be ruthless and say goodbye. 

Pantry items that are expired

As much as we enjoy the satisfaction of a fully stocked pantry, it’s worth sifting through your food items to see if you’re unknowingly holding onto any expired perishables. Make sure to check your packet items, bottles, sauces, and tins, and toss anything that is past its best before date. It’s better to know now rather than the next time you go to reach for it while whipping up dinner! 

Furniture that isn’t functional

Do you have random chairs or side tables sitting in the corner of your storage room or garage? It’s normal to optimistically accept these items as donations when your family or friends move house, or to hold onto them when upgrading your own furniture. Alternatively, perhaps they have wonky legs or scratches that you’ve simply never had the time to remedy. Again, it’s time to remember that if it’s simply collecting dust, it’s better off donated or rehomed! 

Paper work

Paperwork may be one of the peskiest categories to sort through. Old uni assignments, birthday cards, junk mail, and the like can pile up like there’s no tomorrow. While it’s true that you should keep payslips, bank statements, and tax return documents for up to seven years, the rest can go. 

Where to donate your items in Perth

The advent of Buy Nothing Facebook Groups is a blessing when it comes to moving house. Simply join your local group, post the items that you are happy to give to your neighbours for free, and watch the requests roll in. If you think your items could earn you a small profit, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are the way to go. 

Of course, charities such as Red Cross, Good Sammy’s, Salvation Army, Save the Children, and The Smith Family remain trusted organisations to which you can donate your pre-loved items.

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