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Why Sell With Us?

There are a lot of local agents and agencies to choose from when the time comes to sell your residential

Superior Marketing.

It’s hard to sell a secret and we all know that in today’s fast paced, highly competitive world, you only have one chance at a first impression. At De Freitas Ryan, we take pride in the way we market your property, so much so that ‘marketers of fine property’ is front and centre of our company branding.

We have sourced the best when it comes to superior marketing, from the sign on your vacant block of land, to print media, to digital and social media marketing. We are proud to offer the best marketing and enhancement packages available to suit your individual property, which in turn can result in a huge increase in exposure, maximising your potential sale price. Don’t fall for second best when it comes to presenting your property to market.

Competitive Fee Structure.

There is a saying in the Real Estate industry: “the lower the agent fees, the lower the sale price” and we truly believe that to be the case after seeing it come to fruition time after time. On the contrary, our De Freitas Ryan team has mastered the art of handling the marketing and sale of countless properties, resulting in outstanding sales for our clients, who have continued to reward us by referring ongoing business our way.

Our fees are conservative and you’ll be impressed when you see what we can do to maximise the financial outcome of your transaction. We are not afraid to engage in the pricing conversation when it comes to our fees, as we truly believe that what we offer is fair to all parties involved. We understand and respect that trust and reputation is everything in business.

Helpful Hints.

The term “how long is a piece of string?” comes to mind when we think about the endless advice to sell your property, however ultimately each individual property is simply that, and so too are the Seller circumstances. What sets De Freitas Ryan apart is the time we will take to visit your property, assess the situation and provide informed recommendations designed to maximise your sales price, and not simply ‘tell you what you want to hear’.

Methods of Sale.

Your property is placed on the market at a set price or alternatively at a price range. When a prospective purchaser shows interest in your property, our sales consultant will negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best price, conditions and terms of the sale are achieved.

We have introduced a new initiative at De Freitas Ryan which is proving to be a huge success for our clients. The new initiative is what we term as ‘Off Market Sales’, in which we list your property for private sale on a quiet, ‘low key’ basis, only introducing (by appointment only) qualified buyers from our vast network database. This sales strategy results in ‘stress free’ property sales and has been very well received by Buyers and Sellers thus far.

We offer your property to prospective buyers without a price, giving them the chance to present an offer. This is a highly successful method of sale, particularly for individual, ‘hard to value’ properties or at a time when the market is ‘running hot’, with little stock of homes available to Buyers.

When your property is offered for Residential Tender, it is advertised without a buyers guide with all offers presented on or before a certain date (e.g. All Offers by 5pm Friday, June 30). When an offer has been tendered that you are willing to accept, all other buyers are then notified and are invited to alter their own offer. This method of sale has a comparable competition factor to an auction, but is managed in a more private and controlled environment.

Love them or hate them, the bottom line of auctions is that they are undoubtedly the most clear-cut way of maximising the price and unconditional terms and conditions of your sale. Auctions ‘make it happen’, with each bidder competing for the one property resulting in the sale going to the highest bidder (subject to a reserve price).

Openn Negotiation is a method of sale which takes the best aspects of auction, private sale and residential tender and blends them into one streamlined process. This creates a competitive environment and allows complete transparency for all “Terms Accepted’ buyers to not have missed the chance to purchase your property because they didn’t know what price they had to beat.

What’s most important to remember is that it is ultimately your decision as to how your property is to be listed and marketed. Whichever you choose, rest assured that your Agent and the team at De Freitas Ryan will be focused on achieving the highest possible price in the shortest possible selling time.

A Note From Director, Rod Ryan

It may sound a little cliche, but we truly love what we do and we really care about the people we deal with. In my 50+ years in the Real Estate industry, I’ve learnt quickly that trust and reputation is everything and I am proud to have mine and Miguel De Freitas’ name on the door. As they say, it’s all about deeds not words and we are very happy to be put to the test.